Getting a Lenovo Bluetooth laser mouse to work (reliably) in Fedora 28

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After re-installing Fedora (28) Linux from scratch on my laptop, my Lenovo Bluetooth laser mouse kept failing. I could use it, but only after removing the device (from gnome Bluetooth settings) and switching the mouse on-and-off, sometimes with removing the batteries from the mouse also. And that was no guaranty that it would work. Bluetoothctl, and also the Gnome Bluetooth applet would show a quick succession of connecting and disconnecting when I moved the mouse or pressed a button. It seems now I solved this problem. This thread on the Archlinux wiki put me in the right direction by stating one might need to pair with PIN 0000. This thread showed me how to actually do this (After I find no way to "force" a PIN code though either Bluetoothctl or the Gnome Bluetooth settings).

First I got the Device ID for the mouse by running (if I remember correctly):

bluetoothctl devices

Then, I edited the "PIN code database" (as root, after making a backup copy):

vi /usr/share/gnome-bluetooth/pin-code-database.xml

There I added a line (just after other (Microsoft) mice are declared. The "oui"  in the line are the first three pairs of digits from the mouse.

<device oui="F0:65:DD:" type="mouse" name="ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse" pin="0000"/>

I suppose that this will connect the mouse with PIN 0000. Now it seems to work reliably. At least, I can use my mouse directly after every reboot. Yay!

Sorry for the "I don't like it", I didn't want to dial it but I'm very clumsy with my mobile. And then, I couldn't get it out, I don't know why...
No problem. Thanks for the explaination! Now I don't have to be puzzled :-)