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Just started donating to Hubzilla on Bountysource...

...because it's just a great piece of software. I use it for so many things: (Micro-)Blogging, File storage, Wiki, Photo gallery. It's amazing! And it has run (mostly) flawlessly for over two years now from my Raspberry Pi at home. Never sighed, never complained. It just keeps on going. Hats off to that! And a big thank you to everyone helping in it's development.

Support hubzilla on Bountysource


Community Server
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Yes, definitely.... Cheers! #gotzot
Thermal failure

That's how hot it is. "Vital" infrastructure is collapsing. How do I know now what I need to buy? And it has only just begon...


I find this quite mesmerizing. By Erica Anderson.
Here you go - off to sleep now. ;-)

Hubzilla Matrix
Wow! Can't actually see the Woman in the red dress yet, but it starts making sense to me. At first it seemed to me like a random stream of weird characters, but now I see it actually reads H-U-B-Z-I-L-L-A. Capability unlocked it seems \o/ . Onward to level 3!
Gin weizen

Didn't taste to good. Or at all... Very little flavour. Hype alarms shoud go off when I read the very fashionable "Gin" on the label of this #beer. Which is (unrelated) "brewed by women" #gebrouwendoorvrouwen .
Unable to see your image.
Tak! I posted originally with wrong access group. I recreated the post as "public" but forgot to change image rights. Should work now.
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Today we drove back from Denmark to the Netherlands, after holiday in Norway*, when we saw this driving on the autobahn between Hamburg and Bremen. Apparently it's a Volkswagen XL1, of which only 200 have  been produced. Looks nice. Very small though. Looked fragile.


*) highly recommended, just don't let the rain bother you. Just wear clothes accordingly and everything is fine
Don't know what happened, but yesterday I went cycling to the next village when I snapped this picture while on the move. No processing has been done but somehow I got this tilt-shift effect... Nice though.

 rijssen  Uit
In Leuven...

 uit  Leuven
Ok, we did 10.7 kilometers rowing in 01:06 hours. This will be our time to beat the coming months. It seems the season (an summer!) has finally begon.

Settlers / Siedler / Serfcity

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Learned this evening there are two endeavours underway to bring the old Settlers/Siedler/Serfcity game to the modern desktop. I have tried to run this in DOSbox (in Linux) for a while, but the mouse is so shaky there, that's no fun. I remember that this was also the case in the original game. But then I wasn't so spoiled...

I'm putting links to them here so to keep an eye on them...


1. Freeserv
2. Serflings
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Quick switching between Hubzilla channels

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I use Hubzilla mainly as a digital diary. It has been running stable on a Raspberry Pi (version 3 by now), which is also my media center (Kodi/OSMC), radio player (MPD, for listening to Studio Brussel through shoutcast) and backup server (Samba with Unison). It’s quite a busy little bee, which makes it al the more impressive that it happily running along.

Within my (singIe user) Hubzilla hub I have multiple channels for multiple purposes:
  • A personal channel that I use as a sort of diary. Depending on the subject I set a specific access group: I created a group Real friends for real live friends (Which despite having friends IRL is rather empty :-( ). By default there is a group Friends for all connected acquaintances. Or I create a Public post for stuff I don’t mind the whole world to read (like this post). I use this personal channel as my main channel.
  • Then I have a channel where I add links to songs I encounter on Youtube and Vimeo and the sorts. Kinda like bookmarking them. I use this channel as a public channel (as in: the default access group is Public)
  • Ditto for recipes I found and tried. Also public.

So I need to switch between these channels when creating a post for a specific channel. For this I can go to the channel manager (behind the top left “channel” icon. and select the channel. Since some time however Hubzilla has the option to pin apps to the top bar. I just found out that I can create an "app" for my channels and pin them there, so I can switch to that channel with one click. This is what I did:

1. Hamburger menu (right top) > Add Apps
2. Manage apps
3. Create new app:
        - Name of app: The name of the channel
        - Location (URL) op app: The link that I got by copying the URL of the channel through the channel manager.
        - Photo icon URL: The URL I got by copying the image location of the channel's icon

That creates the required "app". The only thing left is pinning it to the top bar by selecting the pin icon of the app.

So, now with one click I can switch to this channel. To be able to switch back quickly I have to do the same in the other channel, where I create a app to my "main" channel.

Finally done, 3000 pieces puzzle
All the URLs you need to block to *actually* stop using Facebook

I seldom use #facebook. The only reason I got an account is to check movies en photos of the boat races (rowing) participate in. (I suppose facebook has a very particular view of my live). Just to be sure I am going to block the hosts mentioned in the following post. I wonder if I will notice anything in day-to-day browsing...

Saw this rose on a wall today. Odd...

Found this from long ago in my twitter feed. Totally forgotten about it. That the internet "Always remembers" has some benefits.

Slippery When Wet: GoPro Reel
by Shon Bollock on Vimeo
Delete indices obj_type?

!Hubzilla Support Forum Hi there. I am posting this from a clone of my channel since the channel from my main installation doesn't seem to send out updates to other servers anymore. While investigating this I noticed some DB updates (mariadb) failed. Among them update 1192 which wants to do:

"ALTER TABLE item ADD INDEX (obj_type)"

It gives an error: Syntax error or access violation: 1069 Too many keys specified; max 64 keys allowed. It seems to mean that there is a maximum of 64 indices. When checking the table I notice there are indeed already 64 indices. Among them are 6 named obj_type. This is all rather new to me but I assume I should best remove these indices and let the script create a new one? Through the admin interface probably. But since "assumption is the mother of all fuckups" I guessed a conformation here wouldn't hurt.

BTW: I have been running Hubzilla from a Raspberry Pi (3 by now) in the living room for the past two to three years, without any problem. (Until now that is :-) ). Still: hats off to that!
Ok... Then it seems you don't have an issue... Just wait until the queue gets delivered... This will take some time...
You can set the threshold higher if you think your server can handle it (i doubt so though on a pi). Also kook at the deliveries per process setting and delivery intervall.
Thanks for the help! It seems that the queue is now slowly but surely being emptied. I'll keep an eye on it and lower the threshold to it's original once the queue is reasonably small again.
Een betere reden moet niet bij te voeren kan ik me niet indenken....

Vrouwen in hongerstaking om Oostvaardersplassen -


Vrouwen in hongerstaking om Oostvaardersplassen
A big thank you once again! #Gnome 3.28 released!

GNOME 3.28 Release Notes
GNOME 3.28 is the latest version of GNOME 3, and is the result of 6 months’ hard work by the GNOME community. It contains major new features, as well as many smaller improvements and bug fixes. In total, the release incorporates 25832 changes, made by approximately 838 contributors. 3.28 has been named “Chongqing” in recognition of the team b...
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Follow thread?

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@Hubzilla Support Forum Hi there! I was wondering what the options "Follow thread" and " Unfollow thread"  on the posts in my "activity" stream do (or should be doing). Executing these action I see no difference. Also I can not find something about this in the Hubzilla help or Google...
Ahhh, bliss. And well deserved after rowing practise.. #gulpener